In 2017, we will find 117 Solutions
to some of our most pressing problems!
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When You Look at the World, What Do You See??
Look around you. We have been bombarded with problems that appear unsolvable, and many people feel deep distress.

We have so many problems that we don't even know how to name them anymore, but we do know what doesn't work. Top-down solutions don't work. Government can't fix anything, organized religion hasn't solved our problems, and we've tried to medicate our problems away, but that hasn't worked either. In many cases, these attempts have made things worse and have spawned new problems.

THERE IS A SOLUTION!  I believe that our problems—all of them—can be solved, and that the answers are trapped inside people like you. When you share what you know and what you've learned, you become the solution. The answers are inside of you. You ARE the solution.

The two things that people cannot live without are HOPE and HELP. People need hope that things can and will get better, and they need help to get from where they are to where they want to be. When you tell your story, when you share what you've been through, what you've learned, what you've overcome, what you've developed or the path you took, you become the voice of hope and help.

There are people like you who have the answers. And there are other people who, in some cases, are literally dying, waiting for those answers. You have what they need, and you can offer the hope and help that they crave simply by telling your story. You are the solution.

Think about what you've learned and how you can be a force that changes lives, saves lives, and transforms society. Don't waste your pain and struggles. Put them to work in the world and let the mess become the messenger -- the messenger of hope and help.

The Answer: 117 Solutions in 2017

It’s time for us to take the reins and solve the problems that surround us. In 2017, we are going to find 117 solutions to the problems that plague us. Every week we will focus on 2 specific problems and ask for your help to solve them. Perhaps you have a solution of your own, or maybe you know someone else who does. Please connect us!

You can share the problems you've encountered and the solutions you crafted to offer hope and help to this chaotic world. If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

When you  tell your story and what you’ve been through, what you’ve discovered, what you’ve overcome, or what you’ve developed, you become the voice of hope and help.

The purpose of 117 Solutions in 2017 is:

  • To create a groundswell of solutions to problems that have, until now, seemed too big or impossible to resolve
  • To unleash the answers that are trapped inside of people
  • To change lives, save lives, and transform society
  •  To use your life and your gifts and your resources to MAKE THINGS BETTER. Not because you must, but because YOU CAN!
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and let's work together to get your solution out to the world!

Join these writers who are changing the world

by offering their solutions: 

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Racial Reconciliation through the Church
Herb Koplowitz
Bridging the Cultural Divide

Kim Langen
Fostering Effective Change in Education Worldwide
Terry Lammers
How to Buy or Sell a Business
Jennifer Dodd

Empowering Women Internationally
Tom Hofmeister
Revitalizing Senior Living
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Nancy L. Erickson
The Book Professor

International book marketer, executive book coach, international speaker, and author advocate Nancy L. Erickson is known as The Book Professor because she helps people write high-impact nonfiction books that will save lives, change lives, or transform society. Her clients include business leaders, coaches, public speakers, femalepreneurs, overcomers, and everyday people. Using a methodology she developed, Erickson leads her clients through the writing and publishing process from their initial concept to a manuscript, to a professionally published internationally marketed product. Erickson is the owner of Stonebrook Publishing and is the creator and owner of, a book marketing platform where authors help authors market their books globally through shared social networks.