Wendy Everts
The Challenge
For middle-school girls, youth groups, moms and daughters, and any young teen who is thrust in the chaos of navigating church, school, and home, The Challenge will entertain, amuse, and point you to an energized faith. Ever wondered if all this faith stuff is for real? If any of it really means anything? That was Clover’s dilemma. 
Terry Lammers
You Don't Know What You
Don't Know: Everything You Need to Know to Buy or Sell a Business
No matter what stage of business ownership you’re in, Terry Lammers will help you understand how to navigate the twists and turns of the business cycle and steer your enterprise toward success. In humorous, straightforward anecdotes, Lammers describes how he grew his own company through 11 acquisitions, which ultimately led him into the mergers and acquisitions business. This book provides the real-life advice every business owner needs.
Nancy Nelson

Lessons From the Ledge: A Little Book
About Big Stuff

There is no manual for survivors of suicide. No rules to help those left behind navigate their grief and anger. When her husband disappeared, her entire life was upended. And since she’d recently asked for a divorce, her husband’s family —and the police — were suspicious. There were no clues. No answers. No reasons she could grab hold of. Months later, when his remains were found in a nearby park, she realized she’d been wrong. And that she and her children would have to begin the life-long process of learning to survive suicide.
Craig Hughes
The Self-Driving Company: How Getting Out of the Way Enabled My Business to Thrive
If you’re a small business owner who is spread too thin, cash-strapped, and feels trapped by your business, then let Craig Hughes show you how to move from your current all-consuming, hands-on approach to the freedom of a self-driving company. Craig knew nothing about the taxi business when he purchased a small, dilapidated cab company in 1984. Since that time, his team grew that business to be the busiest taxi dispatch in the United States. Total Transit, Inc. does over $200 million in business each year and has enjoyed a 35 percent growth rate over the past seven years. Now he enjoys time with his family in the mountains and works only on business issues when he can truly add value.
Nancy Erickson
Stop Stalling and Start Writing: Kick the Excuses and Jumpstart Your Nonfiction Book
The ultimate guide to writing a nonfiction book. This book addresses all reasons you may balk at writing your book and gives you the motivation and steps to start writing. There’s a big difference between a quality self-published book and a do-it-yourself book. Those who aren’t successful produce substandard products. Producing a professional book begins with professional quality writing, First-time authors need help to craft and develop a message that resonates with readers. Nancy Erickson is a thought-leader in the publishing industry, and she has developed a step-by-step method to help people who aren’t writers to become authors of high-impact nonfiction books—all in the interest of helping people like you frame your ideas in the most professional light.
Tim Grimmett
Tim Grimmett started investing in real estate in 1999. As a husband and father of three young girls, he recognized that he had to find a way to support and provide for their financial needs. He sought different mentors and found success in real estate investing. His success grew quickly as he relied on his charismatic style to meet and enroll others who also wanted to build their financial futures by following his investing strategy. Tim quickly expanded his real estate holdings, related businesses, and various teams. By word of mouth, people flocked to filled hotel conference rooms every month to hear him speak, buy into what he was teaching, and enroll in his programs. He built his network of customers and strategic partners, and many could see his plan was working. However, Tim had a secret that very few knew about, and if found out, would blow up all of his success and everything he had worked for might soon collapse. He would do anything to have what he desired. Could he really sustain all that he was building—his family, his success, and everything he’d built? He wanted freedom and he wanted all of his desires fulfilled. He had to find a way to keep it all before it all came tumbling down. One day, his request was answered, but not in the way he intended. … or was it?
Jim Canfield
CEO Tools 2.0

Some companies seem to thrive naturally, attaining success after success. Others limp from one lackluster year to the next. In CEO Tools 2.0, CEO coach and C-Level executive Jim Canfield reveals the importance of making your business meaningful to yourself, your customers, and your employees. You’ll discover how to better communicate your goals, execute your intentions, and optimize your results. The end goal is a healthy, flourishing company that maximizes profits while freeing CEOs from the humdrum routine of daily operations.

Lisa Bushur
Tax Path For Middle-Income Households
Tax Path for Middle-Income Households helps folks learn ways to pay less income tax, so those extra funds can be used elsewhere. The book includes a frank discussion on whether you need a CPA, and critical do-it-youselfer mistakes, some of which are not fixable. Also included are the requirements to take exemptions for your children, as well as extended family and other members of the household. if you learn to take actions to save income tax, you will have more available cash for other needs, such as funding a retirement plan, contributing to your child's college education fund, enjoying with your family.
Kim  Burke
The Code to Greatness: A Goal-Setting Cycle That Will Help You Achieve Any Goal
The Code to Greatness: A Goal Setting Cycle That Will Help You Achieve Any Goal is the personal development tool you want to utilize to achieve your life goals. You will transform from a “Goal Setter” into a “Goal Getter” by using this simple four phase goal setting cycle that allows you to gain clarity about your life goals. Grow intentionally using “The CODE” workbook included.

Kim Burke, M.A. is an unapologetic Goal Getter. She believes in the power of personal development and knows that it can change the trajectory of your life. She founded her professional coaching company, Queen Kim Enterprises, LLC dba QKE 4 Growth, to inspire people to achieve their personal goals. She is a Certified Coach, Teacher, and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team.

Rich Daniels
A Tourist in My Own Life: For Fathers Who Yearn For a Deeper Relationship With Their Children
This book is for fathers. We've got a tough assignment and most of us don't know how to do it right. For a long time, I skirted the fringes of my children's lives, but I never established a core-deep relationship with each of them. I was a tourist in my own life. And I hated it. If you yearn for a deeper relationship with your children, then this book is for you. I'll show you how to crack the code, so you can get into the hearts of your kids and stay there.
Helen Gennari
From the Heart of an Abandoned Daughter: My Journey Through Family Violence and Beyond
From the Heart of An Abandoned Daughter is about the trauma of family violence. It highlights the inner struggle of the author’s childhood attempt to cope with a terrorizing father and a mother who was so focused on survival that she had to block her own feelings and, consequently, disconnect from her children, leaving them to feel emotionally abandoned rather than protected. Without passing judgment on her parents, Helen tells the story of what happened and how she coped by creating strategies for survival that then became crippling patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving in her adult life. She explains these patterns and offers resources for personal change. This book helps women who grew up with family violence understand its effects on their adult lives, find hope for healing, and feel empowered to re-write their own life narrative.
Joe Fingerhut
Permission to Play: How Teens Can Build a Life That Is Fun, Fulfilling, and Promising
Thirty countries. Six continents. Eight Years. One dream life. This compelling story details how one average Joe used the death of a young friend to propel him from college campus to continents and dream jobs. For any young person uncertain of their future and about to embark on “the rest of their life,” this book is required reading, and offers hope that the next steps can be better than they can imagine. You will identify with Joe’s challenges of feeling that life has a lot more to offer, dealing with a crushing loss, overcoming negative support from those closest to you, and pursuing work and travel opportunities armed only with curiosity and ambition. In Permission to Play, Joe’s story not only provides a blueprint for following your dreams, but a guide to the most common excuses and how to overcome them. Study guide for group discussion included.
Brian Marcel
 London, UK
Raise the Bar, Change the Game: A Success Primer for Budding Entrepreneurs Who Want to Change the World

The purpose of this book is to give budding entrepreneurs the tools they need to start and run a new business, so they’ll know how to navigate the growth and expansion challenges and avoid the inherent pitfalls—while changing the world in the process.

 Using his vast experience in the bar code industry as a backdrop, Brian Marcel details his progression from a newbie business owner to magnate in an industry that literally changed the world and the way we live. From grocery store scanning to identifying and tracking blood products, the bar code industry has opened up new opportunities and efficiencies that has impacted every aspect of life and business.   

Maryanne Dersch
 St. Louis, MO
Courageous Communication: How Codependence Is Making Your Nonprofit Brand Boring and What to Do About It

Does your nonprofit do amazing work, yet you don’t get the attention you need or deserve to attract supporters and those much-needed funds? Are you so worried about what everyone will think that you don’t always stand up for what you believe in? This book will teach you how to stop trying to be everything to everyone and to develop a strong organizational personality, so you can attract like-minded supporters and raise more money.

Courageous communication isn’t a strategy or a tool. It represents a shift in your organization’s culture, a shift from worrying about what could happen to being confident in your value, expertise, and vision. It will move your organization from trying to reflect the perfect image to expressing your authentic personality—a personality that attracts attention, energy, and supporters.

Stephanie Winslow
St. Louis, MO

Ascent to Hope: The Rugged Climb 
From Fear to Faith

What if God could use your family member’s addiction for good? Might this tragedy be your challenge to trust Him? God beckons us, the worn and weary family members, to hold on tightly to Him and let Him take the lead. He asks us to let go, to be willing to leave fear behind, and to take part in the rugged climb to faith.

Stephanie Winslow understands the heart-wrenching pain of seeing a loved one bound by addiction, and she’s found a way to let go of that fear to embrace faith. She invites you to let your heart heal and find happiness again.

Jennifer Neily
Dallas, TX
Beth Standlee
Fort Worth, TX
Kathy Maupin, M.D
St. Louis, MO
Patricia Lustig
 Clearwater, FL
Bill Bent
 Golden, CO
Kim Langen
Toronto, CA
DeWayne Ables
Kansas City, KS
Anila Nicklos
Miami, FL
Alvin Brown
Toronto, CA
Tom Hofmeister
Mount Dora, FL
Sean Carney
Tampa, FL
Bobbi Curtis
Charlotte, NC
Mike Kitko
St. Louis, MO
Shelly Whitaker
Greenville, SC
Rem Jackson
Las Vegas, NV
Joe Shumacker
Davie, FL
Kiran Gain
Palo Alto, CA
Bill Johnson
St. Louis, MO
Adrian Bracy
St. Louis, MO
Jaime Zografos
St. Louis, MO
Peter Wishnie
Bridgewater, NJ
Dina Readinger
St. Louis, MO
Charlene Beaman
Winter Park, FL
Bob Levine
Largo, FL
Max Mabuti
South Africa
Rachel Andreaason
Sullivan, MO
Troy Brown
Ontario, Canada
Jennifer Gansner
St. Louis, MO
Tina Asher
Wentzville, MO
Jeff Morris
St. Louis, MO
Tina Sprinkle
Kansas City, KS
Elmarie Jacobs
Oudtshoorn, South Africa
Elaine Simpson
Birmingham, MI
Steve Denny
St. Louis, MO
Tom Foster
Washington, DC
Joey Goss
Puerta Vallarta, Mexico
Art Snarzyk
St. Louis, MO
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Weston, CT
Nick Iliescu
Chicago, IL
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Sturbridge, MA
Patricia Williams
St. Louis, MO
Carlo Sanfilippo
St. Louis, MO
Tracy Bianco
Staunton, IL
Katie Tracy
Parlin, NJ
Ellen Pericci
Auburn, PA